Monday, 26 March 2012

hello! (and rainbow chair project)


thanks for dropping in! this is my first post on my first ever blog - where i hope to share some artsy ideas and adventures and gain some creative momentum... i admit to being a bit of a hermit at times, and so with newfound determination to connect to the wider world, and to meet some more voices from the amazing online community of artists and craftspeople... hello!

rainbow chair project

so... having just moved to a town on the edge of dartmoor in devon, england, and with very little budget left for furnishing our new place, my partner and i decided yesterday was the day to sort out a couple of pretty disgusting, faux-leather padded chairs that we found last year by a skip...

so with an old skirt, a pair of scissors and a b&q value staple gun i set to work on my first attempt at re-upholstery, while pete got down to some serious sanding and tea-drinking in the spring sunshine...

 can't wait to get some things growing in this garden :( !!

oops... a little wonky but full of rustic charm? maybe...

and voila! one finished chair! (just don't look underneath... my upholstery skills are still a little, er, new?) luckily the wood was actually pretty good under the c1970s dark varnish!

and finally, my recent attempt at a (very wobbly seamed) cushion cover, finished! (made from a primark dress that i bought because the fabric is so gorgeous, not *ahem* because i thought it would ever fit... ;o)

thanks for popping by... please feel free to leave comments, ideas, places to visit, people to read... it would be great to hear from you! x