Monday, 9 July 2012

fairs, beaches and new designs :o)

so its been a lovely weekend - a whole day of sunshine yesterday(!) we headed down to one of my favourite spots - the secretive section of coastline between brixham and dartmouth... we climbed over rocks and paddled in the water and let our toes sink deep into warm sand, before scaling the steep paths back up to brixham and tucking into fish and chips...

a much-needed bit of relaxation after saturday's torrential rain... and another super successful Handmade Arcade! thanks so much to all those who were brave enough to come out in the downpours and say hello, it was a wonderful day as always and so good to meet more lovely and very talented creative types :o) 

(here's a little peek at the autumn jitters stall, shared with Bex of ReVintage Jewellery)

had some super feedback on the new designs and notebooks, all of which will soon be available from the autumn jitters etsy shop! (i am thinking of giving it a bit of a revamp too... watch this space!) 

how was your weekend? hope the sun found its way to you too :o) xx


  1. Well done sweetie, your a star! Right so when are we going to visit you and drink cider? xxx

    1. thanks lovely lady :o) when are you free?? would love a visit! - and they sell the devon mist in the pub across the road!! xxxxx